#1 You will indubitably call for an Uber when you need to go to places because it is inexpensive and one of the ideal things to do.

But when you catch a ride from an Uber, you do not get to enjoy a ride from a elegant vehicle. You are expected not to give any statement regardless of whatever is the kind of car that will appear before you with the help of the app.  However, if you choose a limousine you are paying not only for the comfort you will get but also the style and experience that comes along with it. That is why it is better to rent a limousine for a wedding, corporate meeting, bachelor/bachelorette party, Utah Jazz game over getting an Uber. Uber drivers are being classified as “contractors” by their employers and not “employees.” So what is the difference? 

#2 Locally owned "fair business"  Limousine company. 

When you pay contractors, they are not given any guaranteed minimum wage including other benefits such as worker’s compensation, health insurance or even overtime pay. On the other hand, if you are an employee, you get to enjoy those benefits we just mentioned earlier.

This whole contractualization has saved Uber from spending a lot of money to the expense of their workers. When you opt for a limo service, the drivers working for that company are guaranteed to enjoy benefits from their employers thus encouraging more services that do not offer any contractual status to their workers. 

#3 Limo Services give a more professional appearance.

When you catch a ride with an Uber, you do not know what kind of driver will be taking you to your destination. This is not to judge but our opinions should not be compromised especially when it comes to our personal safety.

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